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This is the place to find the answer to all those questions that aren't answered elsewhere on this web site. If the answer that you are looking for isn't here - then please do email us and we'll try and sort it out.

Is there Car and Disabled parking at Carnforth Station?

Yes - At the front of the Station is a pay and display car park, owned and managed by Trans Pennine Express. The Heritage Centre is not part of this company and receives no revenue from car parking receipts. There are a number of disabled parking spaces available for people displaying a blue badge. It would be helpful if Coach Parties pre-book through the Heritage Centre Manager on 01524 735165.

What is the entrance fee for the Heritage Centre?

Entrance to Carnforth Station Heritage Centre is FREE. The Station is administered by the Carnforth Station and Railway Trust Company Ltd, Registered Charity 1061179. The running costs incurred are met by rent from the commercial businesses on the Station; income from room hire; profits from the "Friends Shop" manned by volunteers, and DONATIONS. We would like every single visitor to leave a £50.00 donation - but we are realists ! We hope that you enjoy your visit and leave a little culturally richer. While you are here take the opportunity to browse in the shops, and then enjoy a cup of coffee in the pleasant atmosphere of the Refreshment Room.

Is there disabled access to the Heritage Centre?

The Heritage Centre is all on one level and is totally wheelchair accessible.

Can I book the Heritage Centre and Refreshment Room for use outside "normal" hours?

Yes - Contact the Heritage Centre Manager for further details.  Please note: although admission is free during normal opening hours, a donation per head will be requested for bookings out of hours. The money will be donated to Carnforth Station Trust and will contribute towards the upkeep of the centre.

How do we contact you?

See the contact information on the Contacts page.

When are you open?

Open daily 10am - 4pm.

I've found an error or something out of date on the website.

There are two websites for Carnforth Station. This one for the Heritage Centre, and another dealing with Carnforth Station and the Railways. If you find an error on this website, please email the webmaster and we will endeavour to correct the error as soon as possible.

I have a document / photograph that I think might interest you?

If you have a document, or photograph that you think might be of interest, please don't send it as an attachment to an email, without having contacted us first. If we are expecting an email from you, with an attachment, then it will get looked at very quickly.

Are Coaches and groups/parties welcome?

Coaches and groups/parties are very welcome, but advanced booking is recommended. Telephone the Heritage Centre Manager on 01524 735165.

Do you accept credit / debit cards?


Can I volunteer?

With the exception of the Heritage Centre Manager, everybody else involved with the Friends, the Shop and the Heritage Centre are volunteers. The main areas for volunteering are as shopkeepers and/or Tour Guides. Please contact the Heritage Centre Manager on 01524 735165 in the first instance, if you would like more information.

For further information please contact the Heritage Centre Manager.

Tel: 01524 735165 or email: